Larkos is Donating to Support Homeless Veterans

Larkos would like to ask for donations to help make this possible for us to send items needed to S.H.V. ( for our men and women who have served our country.

Products: Clothing, Food , Women and Men's Deodorant, Can Goods, Shampoo, Cereal, 

Conditioner, Socks, Pasta, Soap, Women and Men's Underwear, Potatoes, Body Wash, 

Under shirts, Sauce, Toothpaste, Long Johns, Condiments, Toothbrush, Combs, Powder, 

Q-Tips, Towels, Hand Sanitizer, and Toilet Paper


Companies we would like to give a special thanks to for contributing are the following

  • Hardware Specialties

  • Micro Trap

  • Berendsen

  • The Hanson Group of Huntington Valley PA

  • Stanley Marshall Inc

  • DB Finishing

  • Eastern Lift Truck

  • Aviall

  • Fiber Instruments

  • Family and Friends

Thank you all for the donations, and helping support the men and women who have served our country.